SCIENAMICS offers services for life science companies, investors and public institutions in the area of scientific marketing, business development and strategic consulting.

SCIENAMICS has been set up to support companies and institutions in the transition of their scientific assets into commercial value. We bridge invention and customer benefit by competitively positioning the product, identifying the right customer and supporting the build-up of the respective partnership.

SCIENAMICS is based on the appropriate mix of expertise and experience. Experts from Pharma, Biotech and Academia contribute to the services of the company. It is based in Germany and operates worldwide.


For pharma companies.

  • Interface management of biotech alliances
  • Value optimization for existing cooperations
  • Review on potential partners

For academia.

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of the product/technology
  • Advice on commercialisation route
  • Identification of potential customers

For your success.


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About us


The SCIENAMICS GmbH started its operations on the 1st of July 2004. Its name stems from the fusion of the words Science and Dynamics as it is typical in this industry that something new emerges from the combination of two known things. Dr. Jessen acts as founder and Managing Director of the company and provides support, advice and his contacts to SCIENAMICS’ clients by leveraging his own expertise and network and that of distinguished external experts.

Timm was trained in chemistry and biochemistry, graduated at the University of Kiel and received his PhD from the University of Munich (Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry). His postdoctoral work was performed in Cambridge / UK at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. 

In 1991 Dr. Jessen joined Sanofi (Hoechst AG at that time) for the execution of pre-clinical discovery projects including target validation studies at Harvard Medical School (Dept. of Genetics). Dr. Jessen was Head of Biotechnology for HMR Germany before he joined Evotec in November 1997 as Chief Scientific Officer.

At Evotec Timm also became Chairman of the Joint Steering Committees with Novartis, GSK and Pfizer, respectively, to steer the co-development of the EVOscreen uHTS platform which was successfully integrated at all three discovery sites. After the merger with Oxford Asymmetry International (OAI) he took responsibility for the integration and scientific complementation of Evotec´s service portfolio. He was instrumental for Evotec’s strategic move into proprietary pre-clinical discovery programs, in partnership with other biotech companies in order to supply Pharma with a sustainable pipeline of drug candidates at various stages of the pre-clinical discovery and development process.

After leaving Evotec in 2004 Timm founded or co-founded SCIENAMICS, Bionamics, 2cureX and Topas Therapeutics. Meanwhile Bionamics was sold to Evotec, 2cureX got listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Stockholm and Topas Therapeutics was VC-financed with EUR 30 Mio.





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